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Frequently asked questions

Will the drivers license be Registered ?

Yes all the  real driver’s  licenses we produce at globexdocumentations, are registered within the database system of DMV or DVLA depending on the country or state driver’s licenses you need.

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Your produced documents will be  discretely delivered to your provided address. We guarantee you a 100% succesful delivery

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We will re produce and reship your order in case there is any problem with delivery.

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In Germany the driving licence "Führerschein" is a governmental privilege given to those who request a licence for any of the categories they desire. It is required for every type of motorised vehicle with the exception of the smallest mopeds below 50 cm³, with a speed limit of 25 km/h, as well as motorised bicycles. (Even for these, there is a minimum age of 15 years and a small mandatory driving school course). The types of licences one may obtain are the same in all the European Economic Area. See European driving licence. The minimum age to obtain a driving licence is: 16 years for a restricted motorcycle up to 125 cm³, 17 years for a car with a legal guardian, 18 years for unrestricted car and 21 years for buses and cargo vehicles The Driving licence card is valid for 15 years, and is replaced with a new card when it expires. Before 19 January 2013, the driving licence card was valid without time limit. There is a decision that cards issued before that date expire on 19 January 2033. Although the driving licence is an official document issued by authorities, it has very limited validity as an identity card.

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Buy US driver's license from globexdocumentations.In the United States, driver's licenses are issued by each individual state, territory, and the District of Columbia rather than by the federal government due to federalism.